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Now Open: Alcatraz and Hollywood: Escape from Reality!

New John Mattos poster
created just for this
exhibition! Items with
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New Exhibit, Tours, and Products Explore Film's Fascination
with "The Rock"


From film-noir gangsters to pyrotechnic-explosive prisoner escapes, the story of Alcatraz—as a harsh and desolate prison within sight of San Francisco's skyline—has long fascinated Hollywood. In movie after movie, it summed up the Alcatraz legend in a somber voiceover: "The rock. A little iron curtain world of lost souls sitting in the shadow of the Golden Gate." (Experiment Alcatraz, 1950).


Now, a new permanent exhibit, special tours, and interpretive products—developed by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy in partnership with the National Park Service—give visitors to Alcatraz Island the fascinating historic facts that they are eager to learn juxtaposed against the dramatic movie fiction they often already know.


Click here for more information on this special tour!